Brochure Stands

Brochure stands, also referred to as literature displays or Brochure holders are essential for growing companies as they help distribute pamphlets and flyers effectively. The Brochure stand is often used at expo’s and in malls where companies have new products on display, but they’re not limited to those spaces. They complement spaces like conference rooms, hotel reception areas, school halls, libraries, and general reception areas.

The Brochure stand could be a great alternative to leaving flyers, pamphlets, or corporate folders on a table. The Brochure stand provides your company with a sublime and extremely corporate look which in turn makes you more approachable. The brochure stands consists of an aluminium system in a Z fold 6 tray design. a trendy carry case is additionally included which ensures your brochure stand doesn’t get damaged when transported. This also makes it extremely easy to move the brochure stand from event to event without having the concerns of your product being damage.

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